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My Meditative Moments

Emerging with Mind

by meditative - March 12th, 2016.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

The ‘dance of the mind’ offers truly amazing insights for the watchful observer.

The plasticity of the human brain offers even us maturing adults significant potential in developing new neuronal networks and connections throughout our lives. Researchers in this field of science are continually discovering the malleability of the human brain. The implications of their work more than suggests the brain takes on the form of how it is used… experientially. For example, the quality of our awareness and the focus of our attention.

The more often we activate neuronal connections (i.e. wiring & firing) in a particular way- the more strongly developed they become. As we continue to practice formally and informally with open, caring, and curious awareness, these neuronal networks supporting this mindful state of being become activated over and over again. It is here & now that we become embedded in the process of experiencing our awareness of mind & body, and we begin to simply witness ourselves emerging with the events of our own consciousness.

As a member of the human species, our brain and mind are programmed by experience for a path of development throughout our lives. This path may be a somewhat repetitious, challenging, and difficult one, but it is limitless in its potentialities for helping us to directly, genuinely, and intimately experience the nature of our own being. It is here and now in the presence of our own emerging nature that we call ourselves into question… what is this mind, and of this mind?

It is in this emerging dance of the mind that we can sense our own thinking and feeling, and our own embodiment of what may be the nature of this mind. To better understand, it is our purposeful intention to attend to this process with abiding care & curiosity. Our perception becomes cradled with kind attention. Our neuronal circuitry is now relating and connecting our associations, decisions, and behaviors with a sense of openness and gentleness. Fundamental to the process are attitudes and dispositions bringing out our natural goodness as our mind and brain expands to functioning in a more inclusive & receptive manner. The colorfulness and multiplicity of our varying experiences shine through in this process of unfolding with ‘what is’.

As we emerge deeper into the process of unfolding with our minds, we become more curious to explore and examine the impulses that give rise to our consciousness- to the wakeful events that move us backwards, forwards, and to those that keep us still.  It is here where we take part in things as they are… the ‘suchness’ as they are. We connect and relate not by what we possess in this process, but by what we learn to accept.

We share in this process of unfolding and emerging with so much and so many. It is natural for our minds and our brains to expand beyond the platform of ‘self’. The underlying current which energizes our mind is inherently connected to nature itself. We cannot separate ourselves from all that is emerging within and around us. It is our awareness and our sense of ‘awarenessing’ that brings into focus this reality. To openly, objectively, and compassionately move with our own minds is to dance with the very essence of our being and our ‘human-beingness’.

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