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My Meditative Moments


Daily Reflection - January 16th, 2017

This practice of mindfulness is not only something that happens in the here & now, it is also something that can transform our here & now.


by meditative - January 16th, 2017

Happiness is a way of being. It means figuring out ways in which we can be happy despite what we might experience on occasion. Happiness has much to do with the big “A” word- ATTITUDE- even in the face of mildly to moderately negative events that may routinely occur in our day-to-day lives. How we […]

A•HA… ‘Art of Noticing’

by meditative - January 13th, 2017

The ‘art of noticing’… as we intentionally continue to practice paying attention… remembering what’s directly happening in our moment by moment awareness, we begin to sense, feel & witness more detail, texture & freshness in our lives. With this open awareness & free attention, we tend to respond more and react less to ‘events’ as […]

Freely Observing What Is…

by meditative - January 12th, 2017

Being aware of ourselves… how we are… and as we are… can be a truly liberating experience. Awareness can help us become free of our continuously thinking & habitual mind simply by how we pay attention to it. Here & now, as the conscious observer, we all have the inner capacity to bear witness within the […]

‘Anxiety Buster’…

by meditative - January 7th, 2017

Curiosity… Courage… and Self-Control Research has found that curiosity and social anxiety are incompatible. Curiosity opens our attention while anxiety narrows it. Anxiety sufferers have found that increasing curiosity at the right time can help to manage and regulate its constrictive & spiraling nature. It’s taking notice with the intent of seeing & knowing what […]

Mindfully Me, ‘Generosity’

by meditative - January 3rd, 2017

To give is an act of kindness. It is something we should work on doing all year long… and something we should actively encourage in one another- the values of giving, helping, and sharing. Acts of generosity tend to be contagious especially in families, organizations, and communities that openly talk with one another about them. […]

Mindfulness 1,2,3

by meditative - December 31st, 2016

In this moment, we take pause, SLOW DOWN, and open up some space to receive what is happening. Receptive and curious, we naturally CALM DOWN and find EASE in the moment as we explore the NEWNESS of our experience. Regardless of the content in our present moment experience, we are KIND and COMPASSIONATE to BEFRIEND […]

Mindfully Me, ‘Take Pause’

by meditative - December 30th, 2016

To enjoy the ‘ride’ of life… we need to be able to put on the brakes for a moment or two… or three, etc… and simply take pause. We need to find time to unplug from all the stimulation, and to give ourselves a little ‘breathing space’. When we take a voluntary “time out”, it […]


by meditative - December 29th, 2016

Mistakes are stepping stones to mastery. Move along… as we are so much more than the mistakes we make in life. Be open & accepting of the lessons inherent to our mistakes- trust them as opportunities to learn and to grow from them. The mastery of becoming mindfully fit is using and applying what we […]

A•HA… ‘meditative mind’

by meditative - December 28th, 2016

The ‘meditative mind’ opens space in awareness to free us from our entrenched habits & reactive behaviors. With abiding attention in the here & now, we learn to relax our grip on the thoughts & beliefs that tend to restrict our ways of being, doing & living…

A•HA… ‘365 Thank Yous’

by meditative - December 27th, 2016

The ‘gratitude attitude’… is going through each day with motions of gratitude. For example, smiling, thanking others, writing a ‘thank you’ note, keeping a gratitude journal, etc. To continually practice gratitude is to live with thankful intent. Try to remember each day of the year as ‘365 Thank Yous’. The gift of life is worth […]