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My Meditative Moments

About Us

‘Meditative Moments’ is a deeply reflective blog envisioned for those of us who are curious and courageous enough to cultivate our inner capacities for awareness and well-being. The intention and aspiration here and now has been inspired by so many diverse teachers, followers, authors, practitioners, and spiritual leaders. The ‘light’ of their shared & living wisdom, the heart of their devotion, and the spirit of their love for our humanity streams throughout the insights, instructions, and exercises found in this blog.

The creator and student of this blog, Christopher Krone MS, is a long-time practitioner of mindfulness practice, meditation, attention, and (mindful) awareness training. His formal background integrates years of research and practical work in the disciplines of mindfulness, stress management, and behavioral psychology. This ongoing inquiry and ‘conversation’ is generally focused upon investigating, examining, and sharing a clearer sense of our minds, our sense of being, and our humanity- individually and collectively. With this intention, we are all invited to journey together as we refine awareness, compassion, and understanding for what it truly means to be mindfully intelligent human beings.

We are all born to ‘wander’ but awareness is always there for us… to bring us back ‘home’.