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My Meditative Moments

Using This Site

This ‘Meditative Moments’ blog has been created with the intent for personal inquiry, reflection, and enrichment. The readings, insights, instructions, exercises, and general resources can be used in both individual and group settings. Daily & weekly postings are written or resourced to be used as tools to help facilitate a practice for mindfulness, meditation, attention & awareness training, as well as for deeper emotional & psychological well-being. It is fitness for the mind.

We strongly recommend beginning this practice of inquiry and reflection with the Introductory Readings, Insights for Mindfulness Training along with the Attending Meditation Exercises. Individuals can follow a suggested sequence for the Attending or Shamatha exercises by their posting date. These initial materials are practical for beginners as they help open a different Way of being while building a foundation for a formal and informal Mindfulness practice. The purposeful intention here is to help practitioners cultivate a peacefully abiding consciousness of concentration, free attention, and open awareness.

As we continue to practice and explore our shift in consciousness, we emerge into a naturally deeper Way of being with everyday mindfulness. Our inquiry and reflection here tends to move into a more profound level of examination. As awareness is refined, our ‘observing self‘ becomes awakened and disciplined to illuminate and penetrate our habitual tendencies that often obscure and limit our capacity for living with presence of mind/heart and body. With Insights for Mindful Intelligence coupled with a regular and regimented practice of Attending and Insight Meditation Exercises, we begin to truly recognize and discern the reactive nature of the “thinking self”- the mind. As our purposeful intention takes on deeper meaning, we may come to discover the light– and the treasure inherent to us all. It is this inherent ‘luminosity’ or this ‘clear sanity’ that reflects a core sense of our ‘being’. Ultimately, this ‘light’ may reflect our ‘true nature’… in us and in all that we experience directly and intimately… moment by moment.

We all walk our own path, but the essence of its continuity for one and for all is universally interconnected. Come see. Come explore. Come be. Reach in and reach out. Fill your heart and open your mind. With peace, love, and compassion our Way is a way to be shared… a living wisdom.