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My Meditative Moments

Where are you?

by meditative - June 24th, 2015.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

 The ‘heart’ of our intention can only be exercised in the here & now…

Discovering the truth of who & what we are can only be experienced directly in the here & now…

The ‘heart’ of what truly matters can only be felt and embodied in the here & now.

Awareness or mindfulness can only be cultivated & refined by the quality of care we give to this moment of being fully present in the here & now…

Make the ‘SHIFT’, and create the ‘SPACE’ to experience your life with fullness and presence in the here & now.

THIS IS IT, the only moment we have to come to know ‘what is’… is right here and now. If distracted, we may come to miss yet but another precious & fleeting moment that fills the fullness of our lives.  


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