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My Meditative Moments

What is Our True Inheritance?

by meditative - April 27th, 2016.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

We can only arrive at the “truth” from where we stand.

How do we come to know our “true nature”- the qualities and particularities of who and what we are? How do we intuit our essence- the mystery of our own being? What is our “Way” in this world- the place from where we look and examine the “truth” of our being? How can we awaken into this realization- and what may we be waking into?

As we journey further into our lives, we often stand here in the middle of the road, and in the middle of our path simply wondering where we are- from where we have come- and to where we will go from here. Standing in the middle of our process and facing directly our own self-discovery, we sense where we need to look in order to come to know the truth of our ‘inheritance.’

The ground upon which we stand, regardless of how narrow, is where we may begin this process of self-discovery… one courageous, curious & compassionate step at a time. We need first to know this ‘ground’ before we are able to genuinely explore and examine the questions that will ultimately bring us closer to our “truth”- to our core- and to our essence of being.

Fundamentally, it is our difficulty, vulnerability, and sense of loss that pushes us forward and deeper into ourselves. As we mature into our mindfulness, we come to know that everything in the natural world is as it is. It cannot imagine itself as we can as anything other than what it is. We routinely connect and reach into the natural world for its rested simplicity- so that we might touch and feel a greater sense of ourselves in this calm and serenity. At “home” with ourselves, there is this fleeting sense of presence- of truly being here and now with a palpable connection to our own humanity. With this presence there arises the realization as to where we must go… shifting into our own interiority and taking the brave step into the unknown with a heartfelt intention and devotion to discover ourselves.

It is through our realization and understanding that we come to accept our place within ourselves- and spawned from this wisdom and maturity to settle into the “unknown”, there arises an expansion of “space” within our interiority to hold and embrace all that life may deliver us. Our true inheritance may be revealed through a clearer understanding of life’s dynamic- of nature- and of the impermanence inherent to the flow of existence. It is within this “larger context” from where we all truly reside. It is here that we awaken into our lives, and into the “bitterness” and “sweetness” of genuinely being human. Our true inheritance may be this “self-discovery”. The inquiry into darkness so that we may awaken in the light of recognizing, knowing, and understanding who and what we truly are. Here we may be reborn and reconnected with our “true nature” in the energy and light of mindfulness.

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