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Video: 365 Grateful Project

by meditative - November 28th, 2011.
Filed under: Mindful News, Events, & Resources.

Here is a wonderful project about gratitude done by professional photographer, Hailey Bartholomew. When she began posting her daily gratitude photos back in 2008 on Flickr the idea seemed to spread like wildfire. From there a group was formed and others began their own version of this project. Now Hailey is in the process of creating a documentary showing the inspirational stories of those whose lives have been transformed by taking the time to be thankful.

Hailey and her story are an inspiration for us all to be mindfully aware of our blessings and to take some time each day to be thankful for them.  This reflective process can truly bring light to your heart and to the lives of all around you.

For all of the photos Hailey took during the original 365 Grateful project, go to:

For more information on the 365 Grateful Project, and to sign up for the newsletter go to:

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