Understanding the Drama of ‘Self’

by meditative - April 14th, 2016

Do we see clearly our condition of mind- all the assumptions and judgments? Do we see how we label and categorize perceptions of mind- what is “good”, “bad”, and “neutral”? Do we notice our fixation and grasping tendencies of what is labeled “good”? How about our rejection, denial, and avoidance of what is labeled as “bad”? That which we label as “neutral” or uninteresting, we tend to ignore. It is our perceptions that seed these habits of mind.

The mental treadmill of desire and aversion is an exhausting process- and much of what happens in between is rarely even attended. We cycle in and out of personal drama- a tug of war between grasping pleasure and comfort, and avoiding pain and discomfort. Genuine peace and happiness tend to elude us. We swim against the current as there arises growing resistance and tension to accept the constant change surrounding the potentiality to maintain pleasure and to avoid facing pain. Everything “ordinary “or “neutral” that arises in between is often missed as we are so enmeshed and caught up in our recurrent melodramas- from one end of the “continuum” to the other.

We come to see our psychic disturbances and patterns more clearly with a deeper understanding of their nature- their motives and mechanisms. Our mind becomes transformed by our heart-felt intent and understanding. We soften to let go and strengthen to embrace. We clear the way to see, relate, and adapt with a discerning yet expansively inclusive perspective. We learn to label less and experience more. What was once critical and judgmental becomes open and receptive. We see our patterns to perceive mainly out of our fear to just be and accept as we are. Our past is our present, and our ‘presence’ is our future.  When we come to understand by living this ‘Way’, then the light of our nature begins to illuminate a very different experience of the world.

Beyond the drama of ‘self’ there is ‘pure experience’. It is the wisdom to see the ‘truth’ in our experiences as an unbiased witness or observer directly connected to what is arising as it is happening. We become sensitized to reality and less enslaved by the illusions and projections of our mind’s self-perpetuating narrative. It is our practice and our ‘Way’ of being and living with mindfulness, mindful intelligence, and ‘mindsight’ that enables us to become sensitively aware of our thoughts, feelings, and deeds. As we “chase” & “avoid” less, we discover there is more to experience. It is with this sense of ease and freshness that our minds begin to settle and become calmer and steadier. There is less tension, fear, and anxiety. As we relax into understanding ourselves, we relate to our cognitive and affective experiences with greater equanimity regardless of their content.

See for yourself. See within yourself…

As best you can, make the time to practice and cultivate your capacity to experience and live mindfully. Don’t take my word for it. What I say or write is just words. You need to experience mindfulness directly for yourself. How and what you intend to experience either internally or externally is truly up to you…