This ‘Space’…

by meditative - October 28th, 2015

Anything can arise in this ‘space’ of mind. What matters most is our relationship to this ‘space’- our attitude and temperament.

Can we stay ‘light’- touching and letting go in this space? Can we open it up to allow what needs to freely arise in this space? Can we bring warmth and friendliness into this space? Can we bring more space around what is arising so not to get carried away by the energy of strong emotion or impulse that may be present in this space?

Can we simply stay with this space as it is- remaining curious and inquisitive so that it may ‘speak’ to us- and share with us insight about what may be really happening in this space?

Quite frequently, this space may be charged with so much ‘energy’, but it does not have to entangle us- to carry us away from where we are. We can simply continue to ‘witness’ in this space- grounded only by our breath and our intention to¬†‘stay with it‘…¬†directly & intimately… openly & softly.

This meditative space, and these meditative moments are simply the ‘seeds’ of our awakening- to take notice without any identification or misperception- to come to know ‘what is’- the ‘suchness’ of this and that without aversion or attachment.

Without resistance or struggle, we shall uncover the freedom to experience life as it is. To be still to witness… to be stable when we are unnerved… and to move when it is time to let go.