The ‘Work’

by meditative - November 8th, 2015

Driven by clear intention… motivation… and sustaining effort is the ‘inner work’ we engage to become closely familiar with our own mind- to free ourselves from our impulsiveness, reactiveness, habitualness- and from states of being and doing that cause us repeated suffering.

Engaged in this deeply meaningful work, we come to explore the mystery of our ‘humanness’- the continuous and dynamic streams of experience we call ‘life’. In this process, we openly and curiously examine our attitude and relationship to life’s experiences- the ‘ups’, the ‘downs’, and everything in between. We come to ‘see’ and ‘know’ the habitual reactions driven by our conditioned patterns of thought and emotion- unable to accept things simply as they are. Rigid and solidified by our concept of ‘self’, we often struggle to simply flow with the inherent ‘fluidity’ of our life’s experiences- and to ‘distance’ ourselves as we observe the sensory, cognitive, and emotional events of mind & body without ‘personal identification’ that’s often fueled by either aversion or attachment.

Our work in this practice is to cultivate a wiser relationship to our life’s experiences- to actively participate in contemplating our wholeness of being human with openness, compassion, and careful consideration. We are not we experience, but we can truly come to understand how what we may experience shapes what we think, feel, and often what we believe we are. To know our own ‘humanness’ is to do the ‘work’- to explore- to excavate- to examine all that fundamentally may influence not only who we are, but who we may become.