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My Meditative Moments

The ‘View’

by meditative - January 13th, 2016.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

We are often ‘asleep at the wheel’- distracted & obscured from clearly ‘seeing’ the true nature of who we are- of what we are. The ‘direct knowing’ of our own lives is often ‘veiled’- hidden from our conscious awareness as we remain captive within our discursive tendencies to be occupied and entertained by images and projections of mind. Much of what we perceive to be ‘reality’ may only be a conceptual rendering- riddled by constructs of the mind…  such as thoughts, assumptions, opinions, judgments, and beliefs. Illusory and dream-like, we are lost within our own minds, with a ‘view’ that has been created and sustained to support and protect our highly solidified and personalized sense of ‘self’.

Meditation practice helps us to cultivate and refine a discerning quality of awareness that ‘sees’ clearly by penetrating these constructs of mind. It is in this ‘clear seeing’ that we begin to uncover and reconnect with our ‘natural intelligence’- a higher order view that draws conclusions intuitively or non-conceptually through insight as to ‘what is’… ‘as it is’ directly before us.  

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