The Veil of Self-Doubt

by meditative - April 16th, 2016

Even as experienced meditators, we may sit and wonder… vacillating from one thought to another… one feeling to another. Why am I sitting? What is this sitting really all about anyway? What do I need to know from this process of inquiry? Is this process really good for me, or even relevant? I just don’t know…

Let these inquiries of our practice be what they are… questions. They are only hindrances when we energize them by our reactions to them. Self-doubt is only a veil onto what we perceive when we cannot see through its hollow nature. Let “doubt” in your practice be your object of attention. Look at how it arises, its intensity, and how it comes to pass. It, too, is only an event of mind. To objectify and identify with its arising only extends its life as an unskillful mental state. See it truly for what it is… and ultimately, its “OK” to question the “Way” we have chosen. Don’t let your state of mind stand in your way. Curiosity and inquiry is what keeps us moving toward the “truth” of “what is”.