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My Meditative Moments

The Power of ‘NOW’!

by meditative - October 3rd, 2016.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

We all have the inherent power to regulate our minds- our habitual loops of thoughts that often spawn and perpetuate from our negativity bias

Our thoughts need not predict our emotions, intentions, or behaviors. ‘NOW’ is as good as any time for things to change… and for us to change. Life can—AND DOES—change. Something that has always been, need not always be. The power of ‘NOW’ has the energy to move us from where we are… when we are willing to open our heart and mind to the freedom of change.

Here & now, we can begin to see the potentialities of something different. We may adopt an attitude for the possibility that we can have something better or workable, and we can start trying new ways to achieve what we may need and want.

The “truth” is realization that we don’t have to remain stuck in our old thought patterns. We don’t have to believe yesterday’s thoughts TODAY…

‘NOW’ is our freedom from the past and the bridge to a new future. Take the chance… make the shift. ‘NOW’ is happening. Step into the moment and let yourself experience a world of new & changing possibilities…

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