The Craft of Self-Discovery

by meditative - June 1st, 2015

We are apprentices in the vocation of discovering our own lives.

The craft of really getting to know ‘who we are’ is stepping deeply beneath the surface mold of our personality- of our individually & socially defined character. It is this deeper level of self- an ‘otherness’ of being that is highly intuitive and intimately connected with the symmetrical patterns of the world. Beneath the constructs of our thinking and rational mind is the subtle flow of sentient impressions- a form of ‘natural intelligence’ inherent to every human being- a place of revelation for things we already know, but were unaware or afraid to connect and express.

This new ‘Way’ we have adopted requires us to apprentice a very different kind of process where we are learning to understand the elemental or core aspect of our being. It is a ‘Way’ where we are fully aware, relaxed and alert- open to a truly intuitive awakening to the elemental details we need to move forward in apprenticeship to discovering the foundation of our ‘truth’. A ‘truth’ that may be very different than the identity we presently foster and sustain.

On this path to discovering the mystery of our own being, we engage in a conversation- a dialogue and a willful, purposeful inquiry to question the ground upon which we stand.  It is in this process of inquiry that we practice over and over again to cultivate a certain quality of attention and concentration- to see and discern what is necessary to penetrate and transform the patterns of mind that obscure our understanding of how to connect with our lives in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.

Something needs to fall away for us to emerge into the flow of our own discovery and transformation. We need to recognize how archaic tendencies may no longer be appropriate for the contexts in which we presently face- and for the ground upon which we presently stand. These patterns of thought, perception, and behavior can no longer be shored up to support what no longer applies. Revelation manifests within our understanding of where we are in the spectrum of our own self-discovery.

Courageous, generous, and curious, we are building a new house to inhabit with a foundation we have excavated out from under all the old trappings and flourishes of mind. Here and now, we are proceeding with this frontier existence to honor the courageous decision to step into our unknown… to willfully engage this difficult conversation with ourselves- the one we don’t necessarily want to have- but realize its intrinsic merit. Intuitively we come to understand that this apprenticeship may bring us into a larger, more expansive world. Living a larger, fuller life- vividly and sensitively connected to a process that enables us to better understand our own condition so that we may enlist our emerging wisdom in the service of others.

We apprentice in this craft of self-discovery with the heartfelt intent to be healed so that we may heal out of the larger order of our being truly human. This brave conversation with oneself seeds a dialogue for change. To embrace our vulnerabilities there is strength to reach in and to reach out. The conversation continues to energize our process of inquiry- to ask the questions- to experience the revelation- and to share the wisdom. On this noble path, we are all apprentices joined together to cultivate a clearer understanding of who and what we are- of mind- of heart- of body- of being- and of ‘interbeing’ with one another.