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Taking Your Seat – “Counting Breaths”

by meditative - January 23rd, 2016.
Filed under: Attending Meditation Exercises.


Take Your Seat1We have highly developed thinking minds that are easily distracted from objects of attention- and for those who are new to meditation this persistent “thinking” has a way of making it quite difficult if not impossible to relax and remain focused on anything let alone our own breath. An effective technique to help keep our attention focused and quiet the “chatter’ of a thinking mind is by counting breaths. There are many ways to count breaths, but here’s a rather simple one for you to experiment with…

Hold the number 1 in your mind for the entire in-breath and relax your body on the out-breath.  Repeat this sequence with the next two breaths, holding the number 2 in your mind on the second inhale then relaxing on the exhale, and holding the number 3 in your mind on the third inhale and relaxing on the exhale.  Keep counting three breaths in this way until your mind quiets and you can relax in the experience of just sitting and being with awareness in the present moment without counting.

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