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My Meditative Moments

Slowing Time Down

by meditative - June 6th, 2015.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

To slow it down, we need to change our perception of time. We need to routinely pay closer attention- to actively notice and engage our new experiences… moment by moment. With a ‘beginner’s mind’, our orientation is to ‘see’ things as fresh and new. We deliberately pay close attention to avoid the trap of ‘automaticity’, and to bring greater depth, sensitivity, and precision in what and how we ‘see’.

As we get older, we tend to operate more on ‘autopilot’ as things become more familiar. Time appears to slip away faster primarily because our brains are now wired to repeatedly take short cuts, and thereby disengaging our conscious awareness from inputting both the subtleties and detail of our actual experiences. With less ‘input’ to process, we also tend to remember less of our time-oriented experiences.

Mindfulness practice- ‘here&now awareness’– with a ‘beginner’s mind‘ helps us to ‘see’ and ‘input’ more into our brains, and thereby altering our perception of passing time. This curious ‘art of noticing‘ has the power to slow down our brain’s perception of time… moment by moment.

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