‘Rotation of Consciousness’

by meditative - January 29th, 2016

A dimensional reality is spawn from this rotation of consciousness…

Our thoughts- our perceptions- our constructs- our beliefs- our conditioning all comprise our conventional reality. Within this orientation of reality, we find fixed viewpoints that may limit our options- our realm of possibilities with each changing situation- to respond effectively and authentically to what is really happening- and to be liberated from being bound by our conception of it. Shifting our consciousness and residing moment-to-moment with open awareness can free us from a conventional modality of seeing, perceiving, and knowing things as we think they are. This shift- this process starts with directing our attention to the questions that limit our nature. For example, “Who doesn’t want what is happening to be happening?” “Who is frightened?” “Who is feeling insecure, unwanted, or lost?”- an inquiry- an initiation no less than a rotation of our consciousness in changing our “lens” for the way we perceptually “see”, experience, and relate to things.

In essence, we often live our conventional reality within the confines of two very basic behaviors- (i). approach  (principle of “pleasure”) and (ii). avoidance (principle of “fear”). Both of these very innate/instinctive behaviors are strongly conditioned by experience and social norms. Mindful awareness helps us to better understand our relationship with the emotional and motivational conditioning related to our developed capacities for “clinging” and “aversion”.

We often impede natural change and growth through our efforts to force things to be a certain way- and which contracts reality by binding us to our own conditioned mind and conditioned views. When we reside in our awareness- our state of “awarenessing”– we are connecting to the true nature of our non-conceptual being- our “sentience”- a deeper, dimensional reality as fundamental as our conventional reality and every bit as real.

Mindfulness expands the “space” of our reality- and opens a much greater realm of freedom, choices, and possibilities. Our conventional reality in itself is incomplete, and therein may arise the source of our suffering and our liberation from it. This rotation of consciousness affects quality of heart and state of mind. It is how we come to see things of primary importance- as if it really mattered- how it affects our view- and how we come to embody this understanding and ultimately act.

Intent of heart and state of mind shapes our visions as individuals- as collective members of a community- a nation- and a species. A rotation of consciousness toward a more dimensional reality and of living with mindful intelligence moves us in a direction of refined embodiment and realization of more humane values – an orientation offering infinite, unsuspected possibilities & freedoms from the limiting patterns of habituation intertwined in our seemingly rigid conventional sense of reality.