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My Meditative Moments

Remember This Moment…

by meditative - September 28th, 2015.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence, Zen Henry.

ZenHenryRememberRemindReconnectREMEMBER… to pay attention… to breathe… to be here & now without judgment… without striving to be anywhere else but in this moment… shifting from doing to simply being.

REMIND yourself that you are already ‘whole’… a human being so much more than its often fleeting thoughts, feelings, or bodily sensations.

RECONNECT with this ‘wholeness’ of mind/heart and body. Come back ‘home’ to yourself. Awaken in awareness- relaxed & alert. Allow its expansiveness to receive whatever is here & now. Dwell in this ‘space’ and come to know what you have already known.

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