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My Meditative Moments

‘Relax- Time Out to Be’

by meditative - February 22nd, 2016.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence, Zen Henry.

4_ZenHenryRelaxSimply being, we step out of conventional time into the spaciousness & timelessness of our own awareness. With patience and spaciousness of mind, we may create the necessary room for greater clarity, tolerance, and understanding. Instead of pushing back our experiences we may now allow them to arise and reveal their true nature…fundamentally trusting our own awareness.

It is this ‘emptiness’ of space in between activities, with nothing for me to do or nowhere for me to be other than right here & now… just ‘being’ with things as they are. What will my mind do next as I quietly & calmly observe it and anything else that may arise in the field of my conscious awareness? From where I am in this moment, there is this ‘expansiveness’ even ‘limitlessness’ as I simply relax and rest in silence- liberated from any aversion or attachment to ‘see’ clearly what is before me… softening, acknowledging, and accepting the moment for what it is… as it is.

As I stay with this process of witnessing my own being, there may arise and pass many different thoughts, feelings, and images of mind- some rather salient and some very subtle- all simply events of mind streaming their way into my field of open & receptive awareness. This respite is an invitation for my mind to reboot & restore itself. It’s an opportunity for us all to simply check-in with our own interiority- to experience, sense, and feel what we are truly embodying- pleasant or unpleasant. Time Out’ is Time In’ with the whole of our being- so that we may come to see, know, and understand ourselves more clearly and compassionately.

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