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My Meditative Moments

Reducing Your Stress…

by meditative - March 28th, 2017.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Here are some simple lifestyle changes that can help both to reduce stress and to increase your ability to cope with stress. Lifestyle changes to consider include:

• Take ‘pause’ for self-awareness at regular intervals throughout your day. Notice what’s happening in your mind and in your body. Self-regulation arises from our ability to be aware of ourselves.

•  Simplifying your life, even if this means doing less or doing just one thing at a time. “Less is more” as you begin to filter out the extraneous activities that distract you and drain your energy from the more important things in your life.

• Having a schedule and keeping to it. Leave early for appointments. Reduce your ‘rush time’.

• Getting enough rest and maintaining healthy sleep patterns.

• Exercising regularly (e.g., cardio, strength training, and yoga).

• Eating mindfully and maintaining a balanced diet. Slow it down. Watch what, how, and when you eat.

• Moderating your intake of coffee or alcohol. Restricting, if necessary.

• Taking time out to do the things that you truly enjoy.

• Connecting with others and openly sharing your thoughts and feelings with them.

• Changing your thinking style: having realistic expectations, reframing problems,  and openly expressing your thoughts and feelings.

• Maintaining a sense of humor. Try not to take yourself too seriously or too personally. Learn to let it go… and laugh a lot!

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