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My Meditative Moments

Realizing Our Human Condition…

by meditative - January 20th, 2017.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

We all share in what is often referred to as the ‘human condition’… our propensity to suffer in the fragility, imperfectness, and impermanence of our own being. As an antidote to this vulnerable condition, we all have the inner capacity for awareness, compassion & understanding. It is with these core elements of our being that we can come to radically accept and embrace our condition as workable and transformable.

We are not alone and we can empower one another with the insight to explore and examine our shared condition so that we may ultimately help to ameliorate the suffering experienced in this world. With mindfulness (awareness) training, we can help one another come to feel, embody, and to know what underlies our condition so that we may begin the process of healing & maturing.

Unhappiness, suffering and sadness are part of life for every human being. Cultivating the ‘m-fit’ qualities of mindfulness… awareness, balance & care…  may serve to help us overcome our dis-ease and to bring us greater ease, happiness, and wellness into our lives.  Our ongoing efforts for mental (mindful) fitness are essential if we are to illuminate, penetrate and ultimately transform the fears and insecurities that cause us needless emotional pain & suffering.

The more we understand the nature and subtleties of our human condition, the better equipped we become to manage it… and ultimately relate to it. With refined awareness… balanced attention… as well as unwavering care & compassion, we can realize our own strength & confidence to regulate and transform what limits our lives. What may cause us suffering is never the ‘whole’ of who we are. We all have the inherent capacity to embrace and endure what is only part of our being. A healthy & hearty mind fuels our resilience to stay the course- to see, perceive, and understand a larger perspective of our own being…

The seed for our happiness is the same for our suffering. We can help one another realize the insights and tools necessary for cultivating the right quality of mind… and the right quality of being that is interdependently human.

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