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My Meditative Moments

Practice: Absolute Stillness

by meditative - June 2nd, 2016.
Filed under: Attending Meditation Exercises.

~ An Excerpt by Lama Surya Das, “Be Still”

When the mind is turbulent and distracted whirling with thoughts, images, memories, and inchoate feelings, then the winds of internal energy and self-seeking—analyzing, evaluating, pushing and pulling, based on likes and dislikes—are what keep things stirred up obscuring our inner landscape.

If you wish to cultivate absolute stillness and clarity of mind, right here and now… take a few minutes of PAUSE and sit imagining or visualizing yourself on a peaceful shore or by a tranquil lake.

In the space of this awareness… allow your mind & body to settle & relax…  breathing deeply a few times into the belly, and releasing all the tension, preoccupations, and concerns you’ve been carrying—at least for the moment. Let the gentle tide of the breath carry it all away like the ocean’s waves, like a waterfall washing your heart, mind, and spirit clean, pure, and bright.

Sitting in a comfortable seated position, allow yourself a couple of minutes to just focus on the relaxing and cleansing nature of your conscious breathing.

‘Breathing in’… just being aware of your body… and ‘breathing out’ just relaxing any tension and/or tightness in the body. As best you can, sit peacefully with this stillness of your conscious breathing…

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