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Practice: A Moment of Thanks

by meditative - June 20th, 2016.
Filed under: Insight Meditation Exercises, Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

A Giving Thanks Meditation~ by Martin Boroson, author of One-Moment Meditation

So often we communicate gratitude, but we don’t often stop to feel the fullness of that gratitude. Like mindfulness, the expression of gratitude is an embodied experience- it simply feels good. And when we pause to feel it fully, we give ourselves a very powerful meditation. When experiencing this quality of being, it is impossible to feel stressed, worried or distracted. Our hearts are open… and we are in a state of ‘grace’… and a state of ‘flow’.

Simply try it now:

1. Sit down.
2. Sit up.
3. Take a deep & relaxing breath or two.
4. Think of something (or someone) for which you feel grateful.
5. Encourage that feeling to spread throughout your body and mind.

It only takes a moment, and the energy of this gratitude can shift the whole of our being.

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