Our Daily Appointment- ‘Resurrection’

by meditative - December 7th, 2015

Our practice is to recognize and water the positive seeds already in us.

All too often we are so busy “running” to this and that, and “avoiding”this and that unconsciously and habitually- a form of sleep walking– disconnected and separated from our own experience like reactionary corpses unawake or semi-awake to what is truly happening… moment to moment.

Every day we should practice resurrection or reawakening- by simply using our in-breath, and bringing our mind back to our body to a state of feeling or embodied presence. Our breath is a bridge that brings our mind and body together. Below is a simple mantra offered by Thich Nhat Hanh that you can practice daily…

Breathing in- I know that I am breathing in…
Breathing out- I know that I am breathing out.

On the out breath, you might offer a gentle, half-smile expressing your joy of presence. This simple act of daily presence manifests our intention to be in the here and now.

With the energy of presence, we reconnect & touch the natural, heart-felt radiance of our being- the resonance of our light source- and the miracle of our life force.

For all those we love and love us need our presence. Without presence, we cannot truly love and understand the other(s). Without true love and understanding, we cannot be truly happy. The most precious gift we can offer another is our presence.

In our daily lives, we get lost in our thought.We get lost in our regrets about the past and our fears about the future. We get lost in our personal agendas, stress, and anxiety- and as a result, we cannot really be in the moment for ourselves, or really here for the life that is ours to live awake in the here and now.

Time slips away and passes us by often without notice as our attention is off wandering nearly 50% of our waking moments. It’s not time we need to better manage, but our attention.

Resurrect with each new day. There is only a single moment in which we can truly be alive, and that is the present moment. The seeds of our true happiness lie buried beneath the soil of our consciousness. To manifest what may be largely unconscious, we need presence- the seeds need to be watered with our abiding attention- and the soil of our consciousness needs to be tilled. Take pause with some form of meditative moments in your own way… and resurrect… and reconnect to the miracle and mystery of your own being.