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My Meditative Moments

‘Observational Distance’

by meditative - June 19th, 2017.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

As best you can, try to simply notice your thoughts… and allow some ‘observational distance’ between yourself as the observer & what you are thinking.

‘Observational distance’ can reduce the likelihood of energizing and empowering our thoughts while revealing their often ‘empty’ nature. Many of our thoughts simply arise from our subconscious. They are the memories, images, and associations of past experiences working their way into our field of conscious awareness. Thoughts may or may not be true… and relevant or irrelevant associations with what we are presently experiencing.

As we become more skillful in attending to our cognitive process with ‘observational distance’, we also refine our inner capacity for ‘discerning awareness’- the ability to ‘see’ and perceive the nature of our thoughts, feelings, etc.

Awareness of insight is born from the ‘space’ we can sustain from our continuously thinking minds…

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