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My Meditative Moments


by meditative - November 20th, 2015.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

SM_M-Non-doingIn this ‘space’, we are awakened- focused & alert- calm & stable- sitting & being with the direct experience of the moment. We have intentionally come to be… to simply attend and observe without judgment- to inhabit a Way of awareness of mind (heart) & body… moment by moment.

Here & now, we open up with new-found curiosity and rest in the spaciousness of our own awareness. As best we can, we are still & quiet, befriending & allowing whatever is arising to flow into our field of consciousness- to be received & noticed without any attachment or aversion.

This simple ‘non-doing’ is a powerful & expansive act of self-awareness- of self-control- of realizing & accepting things as they are… of seeing & letting be… of seeing & letting go.

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