Navigating the Mind

by meditative - June 11th, 2015

Forging into the unknown reaches of the mind, heart, and soul.

In this practice, our summons- our vocation may be calling us into the uncharted frontier of our own minds… and into a greater understanding of the human condition itself. Exploring who and what we are- the psychology of our own being is fundamental to our emerging path. This is courageous work- a conversation that we may not want to have with ourselves as it brings us deep into our psyche. Curious yet tentative, we accept the open invitation to embrace the uncertain work of excavating, examining, and discerning the inner aspects of our conditioned ‘self’…the impulses, thoughts, feelings, etc… the healthy and neurotic ego… all that is feared and desired… and the tendencies to ‘cling’ and ‘avoid’.

Beneath the mask of our ‘persona’, the identity we project onto the world, there exists a vast and empty space cueing the unfolding nature of our true being.  Into the darkness of the unknown, there is a strong sense of familiarity as one travels ‘home’ directly into the depths of their consciousness. Instinct, intuition, and devotional curiosity guide us through our trepidations. In the ‘light’ and in the ‘darkness’ of our ‘shadow consciousness’, we are not divided but united to discover the integration of a larger ‘SELF’- one of greater awareness- open, expansive, and compassionate- mature, wise, and selfless.

Diving into this unknown frontier of our own psyche, we practice and work to cultivate and manifest a transcendent form of energy. A higher energy and greater consciousness to transform what habitually limits us from being fully present in awareness. This is an intuitive wisdom to see and understand things as they truly are- free of preconception and free to unfold and reveal their truth. Into the vastness and unknown space of our psychic interiority, there is freedom in the realization of intuitively knowing and understanding what limits our fullness of being is the ‘power’ we give our patterns to see and perceive things within a narrowly conceived framework. Our brain- our mind- our heart- and our soul has unlimited power and resource when given the opportunity to open fully into our conscious awareness… to grow, to expand, to heal, and to flourish.

Into the reaches of our minds, we are focused and fearless- knowing and understanding our own reflective ‘truth’ and the truth of our ‘collective being’- impermanent, interconnected, and interdependent. It is this realization that nourishes our devotion to navigate the unchartered space of awareness. Balanced and calm, we observe with abiding curiosity the continuous events of mind- and we learn to discern the revelational quality of what is arising as it is occurring. To genuinely know ourselves- the psychology of our being- is to know the mystery of what makes us truly human. In the ‘space’ of our expansive awareness, there is a guiding ‘star’ for all to follow- a ‘light’ that has the energy and power to radically transform our lives if we are brave and bold enough to accept the invitation.