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My Meditative Moments

Mindfulness is…

by meditative - February 19th, 2015.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Awareness knows freedom even in the presence of a discursive mind…

When we are still and quiet, there is a space that seems to open up. There is a light that appears to illuminate what crosses into this seemingly infinite space. As we are willing ourselves to sink deeper into this space, there is a growing sense of simple and pure observation for all that is presently and directly within us and around us. Untouched by what is observed, it simply abides without any judgment to simply notice and acknowledge what is arising and passing.

Here and now, we have arrived to know it because we have invited it to come out into the open… to be available and accessible. Curious and alert, we are motivated to see it and to be with it… relaxed and steady. It is in this space of awareness that our other senses come alive, and we begin to experience and relate to ourselves within a larger dimensionality as if our observation itself were some expansive field of transparency… and where objects of attention are simply fluid events arising and passing spontaneously and naturally without the observer either grasping or avoiding them.

In its pureness, there is a transforming quality of awareness as it can hold the whole of our experience so that we may discover the insight and wisdom to clearly understand it. With this awareness, there is real freedom underlying our attitude and the choices we wakefully and willfully make. In each and every moment, we can bring this awareness… this wakefulness… this mindfulness of new and larger ways of seeing and being with what is.

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