Mindfulness, A ‘Quality of Awareness’

by meditative - January 30th, 2015

Sustaining our present-moment awareness requires a certain atmosphere of mind…

From where we are- here & now- there is a subliminal energy and enthusiasm motivating our curiosity to explore and to inquire about what is happening directly before us. It is a beginner’s mind that is freely willing to see things in fresh, novel ways- pausing to allow space for this shift in consciousness.

Nonjudging, we observe as an impartial witness simply noticing and acknowledging our thoughts, feelings, and sensations as they arise.

Nonstriving, we openly invite, embrace, and accept what may appear in the field of our awareness without grasping (attachment), aversion, or avoidance.

We are relaxed, balanced, and even-tempered (equanimous) ready to let be and to receive the necessary insight, so that we may come to know the true nature of what is being observed.  

Confident and self-reliant, we compassionately trust our own direct experience to reveal what is true or untrue knowing deeply the intent of this awareness…this MINDFULNESS.