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My Meditative Moments

‘Seeds of Mind’

by meditative - October 24th, 2014.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

The mind is like a garden… and ‘home’ to many different kinds of seeds. It knows no discretion as to what is seeded, rooted, and to what may ultimately flourish in its ‘soil’. The mind is receptive to whatever we ‘plant’ in it- ‘flowers’ & ‘weeds’- whether we are aware of it or not.

Left unattended, the ‘weeds’ just as the ‘flowers’ of mind can become deeply rooted into our subconscious. Positive & negative suggestions seed the soil of our mind with each & every moment… consciously & subconsciously. The curator of this garden needs to remain focused and diligent in attending to what gets seeded in its soil. Otherwise, we may spend the better part of our waking hours weeding out all that prevents our ‘flowers’ from flourishing.

We need to be mindful & skillful gardeners for what we plant & nurture in our own minds… as we are all part of the collective garden of humanity. The seeds we plant in our own mind can become those that are dropped & deposited in another’s.. and so on… and so on.

The world’s garden can be as beautiful as the seeds each of us plant & nurture…  

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