by meditative - December 17th, 2017

What holds us back? What keeps us ‘stuck’ from moving forward into a healthier, more peaceful place in our lives? What do we resist in our lives… and why?

Is our resistance a function of our inability to simply accept life as it is… here & now? Can we not skillfully let go of our views- our illusions & projections of how we think our life should be?

Do we perpetually cling to what is familiar because we are deeply frightened of the unknown- of what we might discover about ourselves… or about our world?

The more we resist, the greater the control it seems to hold over our mind and our sense of ‘being’. We create & empower its solidity by our inability to ‘see’ through its hollow nature. When we ultimately turn to face what we resist, it loses its ‘grip’ on our lives. Awareness, intent, and genuine acceptance allows us to penetrate the underlying fear.

As resistance melts away, we often become more flexible & fluid in our lives. What may have once been impossible now becomes workable. With acceptance… there is freedom to move forward with greater wisdom, understanding, & maturity.