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My Meditative Moments

Our ‘Memory Muscle’

by meditative - November 12th, 2014.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

The hippocampus is like our brain’s ‘memory muscle’. It accounts for our ‘working memory’- or what many psychologists refer to as our ‘fluid intelligence’… helping us to learn, reason, comprehend, and problem-solve in novel situations. We use our working memory to monitor, regulate & discern the information we receive, retrieve, process, and dispose. It bridges and integrates our short & long-term memories.

The level of stressors we perceive and experience can have a dramatic impact neurochemically on both the executive & attention functions of our memory muscle. The more relaxed, stable, and disciplined our self-awareness and self-regulation, the stronger our working memory becomes in the face of interfering processes and distractions of mind.

A meditative mind is one primed for more focused learning and comprehension…

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