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My Meditative Moments


by meditative - December 16th, 2017.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Equanimity is a mindset that’s evenly balanced- when we are fully engaged yet not indulged. Our awareness is grounded without judgment, opinion, or assumption. We are calm, composed, with relaxed alertness… simply experiencing & accepting the actuality of what is happening in the present moment with willful intent & abiding attention.

It is this ‘middle way’ that opens awareness, frees attention, and allows for mental & emotional stability. We simply ‘see’… notice… and acknowledge with clarity & precision as the mind remains tranquil and undisturbed even in difficult situations.

Cultivating this evenness of temper can help us to become more flexible & resilient. It can help FREE us from our habitual aversions and attachments while clearing the way for spiritual maturity, genuine warmth & compassion… 

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