‘Unfolding With Life’s Purpose’…

by meditative - November 14th, 2014

The ‘truth’ about our own purpose in life may be closer than we think. Perhaps, we are too busy searching outside of ourselves… the ‘truth’ obscured as we tend to be consumed by what we have been socialized and conditioned to believe about our choices, relationships, and ultimately our path in life. Do we often feel out-of-synch or off-track with the conditions and consequences of our lives? Is there a deep longing to harmonize what we value with how we live? Can we sense our need to ‘shift’, but yet ignore or resist the ‘calling’?

It takes great courage and fortitude to dive into the frontier of our own unknown. For many of us, we have been taught the meaning and value of an outer life often at the expense of mindfully connecting and realizing what is inherently most purposeful and fulfilling from right within ourselves. Often sweating the small stuff, we lose sight of our larger, more meaningful perspective in life.

Shifting from an outward to an inward inclination, we begin to open up, trust, and unfold with what calls us from within. To unfold with our life’s purpose, we need mental space and attention to listen closely from within, and to be open for honest & clear reflection. As we reflect, we may begin to realize the importance of our life’s failings and successes- all lessons and grist for the mill- when excavating what is truly purposeful in our lives.

To know where we are. It is here where we may begin to ‘shift’ our actions… and to discern from the feedback of our actions what is truly meaningful and relevant to a purpose we deeply long to actualize.

Despite the tentativeness of mind, we can courageously move forward stretching and pushing ourselves into what deeply moves us. Each day we can take pause to passionately envision and service our life’s purpose giving it and our consciousness the energy & power to make it both real and self-fulfilling…