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My Meditative Moments

‘An Experiential Shift’

by meditative - October 31st, 2014.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Practice… practice… practice. Cultivating self-awareness can help ‘shift’ the way we experience and relate to the activities of our mind/heart and body. With the energy & light of mindfulness, we can awaken to realize that our thoughts & emotions are not existential in nature. They need not define us. We can simply experience them as if they were visitors or phenomena of mind (e.g. thoughts) and body (e.g. emotions).

As we refine our practice, we can become skillful in objectively watching & discerning how shifting conditions give rise to our patterns of thought and feeling… how they interplay with one another… and how they drive our reactionary (i.e. conditioned) tendencies and impulses to ‘move’ and to act.

As we sustain ‘observational distance’ with our thoughts and emotions, we can become clearer and more precise in assessing their nature. We can experience them without indulging in them…

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