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My Meditative Moments

Living Mindfully… ‘Perspective’

by meditative - April 11th, 2017.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Awareness… awareness… awareness.

It’s all in how we CHOOSE to see, perceive and relate to our own lives. Through self-awareness, we come to notice how we are… how we think… how we feel… our patterns of mind… and the habitual responses that follow.

We live and breathe CHANGE. Like the world around us, our perspective- our inner orientation- is routinely shifting. The awareness we cultivate & refine within our mindfulness practice helps us to monitor & modulate these shifting tendencies. To deliberately & willfully work with our mind, we come to realize its ‘plasticity’- its capacity to shift and evolve… simply by how we pay attention.

We all have the inner capacity to shape our perspective on life. With this higher order ‘energy’ & ‘light’ of mindfulness, we can purposefully use our awareness and attention to bring greater clarity, balance & sensitivity back into perspective… day-by-day… and moment-by-moment.

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