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My Meditative Moments

Living Mindfully… A Kinder, Gentler Way

by meditative - December 10th, 2017.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

EmotionalGenerosity#2How does it feel to extend kindness to others… and to show genuine kindness to yourself? ‘Feeling felt’ is an embodied experience for me and for you. Kindness naturally softens the heart & calms the mind. It opens us up and conditions our mind to be more flexible and malleable.

A kinder, gentler way is self-perpetuating in nature as the more we practice… the more we become this Way of being & doing. As we continue to practice, we will discover ourselves to be spontaneously more accepting and less critical of our experiences and relationships. It is this nonjudgmental mindset that helps us to be more adaptive & resilient… to be freer and more understanding… to be more loving and compassionate.

Imagine how much pain & suffering may be healed in this world with just a little more kindness… moment-by-moment and person-by-person.

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