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My Meditative Moments

Life’s 180º Shift

by meditative - November 3rd, 2014.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Life’s a matter of interpretation regardless of the “color” and “content” of the events we experience. Every day we make conscious and free choices to see, perceive, and relate to our lives in certain ways. To effectively adapt, we learn to make sense of our lives in new & fresh ways. To be mindful is to be open and receptive to the invitation of life and living. New circumstances, despite their unfamiliarity, can be perceived as new opportunities. In our own process of engaging life’s uncertainties… can we be openly accommodating and consider other ways to interpret and relate to our arising situations?

Our circumstances are what we make of them- and how we interpret them.  Do we perceive what we experience to be of value and of meaning in our life? It is on this relatively immediate ground of perception that we begin our cognitive and emotional process of responding to what is directly before us. From this place in awareness, we have free space to mindfully determine and choose our mode of response.

The choice is our own… moment by moment… we are free to “smile” or to “frown” at our ever-changing circumstances. Life’s 180º shift in perception can simply be a matter of interpretation that begins openly & freely with the ‘energy’ and ‘light’ of mindfulness.

In the absence of making reactive judgments about our direct & immediate circumstances, we can begin to make better, more insightful choices about the meaning of our experiences. Beneath the pains and troubles in our situations may be the hidden secrets behind living with greater fulfillment and well-being.

The shift and transformation emerges and evolves in awareness. 

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