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My Meditative Moments

Is this it?

by meditative - May 19th, 2016.
Filed under: Insights For Mindfulness Training.

This is a classic Gahan Wilson cartoon from the New Yorker in the 1980s. As beginners in the practice of meditation or contemplation, we often struggle with our expectations for what it is we will uncover, discover, or transform from our efforts “to sit” and to simply “be”. What’s fundamentally important to the practice is “just sitting”- in the here and now with this openly kind and receptive awareness. Sitting, breathing, and witnessing ourselves, the mind is spacious and objective to engage and embrace all ‘events’ arising in awareness simply as they are. With a clear intention… “to expect nothing” we seem to shift our sense of “busyness” to one that is more relaxed yet alert to notice & recognize “whatever” may occur in a flowing and spontaneous manner without any grasping, clinging, or aversion.

This cartoon symbolizes a “state of mind” and a “state of being” essential to skillful meditation.

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