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Health & Well-being- A Quality of Attention?

by meditative - October 7th, 2015.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence, Zen Henry.

ZenHenry_NoBubbleWhat happens when we don’t pay close attention to the mind & body? With a lack of attention and a growing disconnection to our built-in ‘feedback’ system of mind & body, do we then sacrifice our ‘inner measure’ for balance, stability, and order with the whole of our being? Consequently, if we are unable to effectively self-regulate our natural order & functioning of an integrated mind (heart) & body, do we ultimately surrender our health and well-being?

Conversely, refining our inner capacity to pay close attention can help us to strengthen our ‘inner measure’ of connectedness, balance, stability, order, and ease of mind and body.  Contemplation practices like mindfulness meditation can serve to cultivate a present-moment quality of attention- engaging us with ‘real-time’ feedback that supports increased mind-body sensitivity, attunement, and self-regulation. As we continue to inhabit our embodied awareness openly & compassionately with both formal & informal practice, we can learn to notice & recognize the signs & signals continually provided by the mind (heart) & body more readily and precisely.

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