From Where We Stand…

by meditative - January 25th, 2016

“You can observe a lot by just watching” ~ Yogi Berra

Through our regular mindfulness practice, we continually cultivate those qualities of mind and attention that nurture clarity and peace, selflessness and kindness- and at the same time, we come to recognize the impulses in ourselves toward self-righteousness, arrogance, aggression, cruelty, dominance, and indifference. This is where we stand…

To observe more, and to experience more moment by moment, we transcend what be small-minded motivations and views- often fear-based and ‘self’-filled with righteousness and arrogance- rigidly fixed with the notion that we are the ones who truly know… yet we may not. Can we stay with “not knowing”? It is our self-centered motivations and impulses that limit our capacity to ‘see’ and perceive the larger picture. It is our afflictive emotions that cause us to contract- and it is in these states where we may not even be fully conscious or aware of what we say or do. Ultimately, we may end up doing a good deal of harm to ourselves and to others in the process.

Not knowing from where we stand… separates us from our own interiority, and a fundamental familiarity with how it shapes our choices and behaviors literally moment to moment potentially compounding the damage we cause over time, and creating even greater disharmony, disquiet, and dis-ease. Mindfulness brings us home to where we are. It helps us to refine our capacities for seeing and knowing the actuality of things- the truth of things underneath their appearances and our own impulses to contract into narrow, rigid mind states- and to respond to life’s experiences in more measured and imaginative ways.

Mindfulness of where we stand helps to clarify what is most important- and it helps to remove our thick veil of unawareness which often shrouds our senses and our thought processes.When mindful, we accept the invitation to pay closer attention and to honor what is right within ourselves. We inhabit what is naturally “good” within ourselves- and “act” from this stance- selflessly and purposefully.

In a mindful way, we accept unconditionally and confidently that who and what we are is enough. Without confidence in where we stand, we cannot move forward clearly and peacefully. We must be rooted and diligent from where we stand with worthiness, and honor the nature of who we truly are- again and again in both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. Confidence and fulfillment are spawned from our sense of worthiness and from our devotion and diligence to practice being fully present. From where we stand we come to know and to trust our inner wisdom- our inner peace to penetrate and transcend our fear and doubt.

Rejoice in where we stand… all that is positive and good within has the power to heal and transform even the very troubled of heart.