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My Meditative Moments

Practice- Embracing Our Humanness

by meditative - April 25th, 2011.
Filed under: Insight Meditation Exercises.

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Let us take a seated posture in our “quiet space” for this insight meditation practice… When you are ready, gently close your eyes or bring your gaze slightly downward- and taking a few moments here to just allow ourselves to settle into our breath. Let this stillness be an open invitation to be calm and steady- just noticing our body breathing, with each inhalation and exhalation flowing naturally and rhythmically…

As you become settled with mind and body- relaxed and open- allowing yourself to experience and accommodate all that it means to be human- in all of the qualities that make us whole- in all of the clarity and confusion- mystery and ambiguity- beauty and ugliness- joy and pain- sickness and health, etc.- taking it all in the spaciousness and expansiveness of our limitless awareness.

In this life- in our own life- there is so much wonder- so much confusion- yet so much longing to embrace the mystery of our humanness. Here and now, we can sense- and we can feel this blossoming moment-to-moment awareness of our humanness- this emerging heartfelt intent, interest, and curiosity to explore and examine the depths of our interiority. We are here and now without aggression or resistance- simply accepting what is to be experienced as it is- and as something larger than what we typically and habitually objectify.

Sinking deeper into our attending awareness, we begin to realize that we are an integral part of each moment as it arises- expansive and limitless. In our practice, we habituate ourselves to this “openness”- to this expansiveness, to which all things are intimately woven- and that all things are “causes and conditions” interdependent upon one another. Realizing and knowing this loosens up the atmosphere of our minds. All that we experience- all that we like and
dislike- and all that we are is full of possibility.

To be fully human is to embrace it all. We are bold and brave to surrender and to accommodate the fullness of life- the “full catastrophe”. It is this shift in consciousness- this bravery- this refined awareness that brings us awakening, freedom, and well-being. Our strength is fostered in our resilience to stay present with the uncertainty of our experience- to bear witness to it all- and to live life not around it. With this openness of receptivity, we discover a more mindfully intelligent understanding of things- and that we are truly capable of taking it all into our spacious and expansive awareness.

Let us continue here for a few more moments and just rejoice in this spaciousness- this openness of mind and of being- and of accommodating all of the qualities and universality of our humanness… all of this together… we share…

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