by meditative - December 23rd, 2015

In practice, we must first cultivate the art & skill of simply noticing– a quality of observation that is without judgment- witnessing things just as they are. Relaxed and alert, we notice & acknowledge without attachment or aversion to whatever is arising in our field of awareness. Noticing & letting be. Noticing & letting go. 

Attending meditation helps us to quiet the mind with a deeply penetrating and abiding sense of awareness. With greater focus & calm, the mind becomes more luminous & discerning. Things come alive with detail. In the ‘light’ of discerning awareness & skillful concentration, we may free our mind of ‘hindrances’ (negative tendencies) to become open for insight meditation… and a path for clearly knowing the causes & conditions of our deeply habitual minds.

Without concentration, observation without indulgence, there can be no liberation from our own ignorance of mind.