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My Meditative Moments

Coming Home to Mindfulness

by meditative - May 13th, 2016.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Our hearts open us to three of life’s most powerful capacities… to love- to understand- and to heal.

Paying attention to the present moment may sound relatively simple in concept, but it can be a challenging practice to sustain. Using everyday activities at home, work, or at play can be a wonderful way to help us to cultivate mindfulness- simple activities like showering; dressing; washing dishes; exercising; driving, etc.

Qualities of mindfulness bring the mind and body together here and now in the present moment. The body is always present, and bringing our attention to it grounds and anchors our presence. Equanimity, an open and balanced approach of mindfulness helps us to touch and connect with what we are experiencing, and then to let it go as we continue to flow effortlessly with our moment-to-moment awareness. With this ‘Middle Way’, we sense what it means to not be too tight or  too loose in ourselves, and in our present activities.

If we find ourselves lost in our minds, we discover our way back to the present moment through our attending awareness. Routine practice refines our awareness to discern moments of mindlessness and to reconnect with our ‘nowness’. Mindfulness helps us to see more clearly the contrast between being “here” and “somewhere else”.  It also attunes us to the ever-changing nature of “nowness”- that each moment is uniquely different from its predecessor. To attend mindfully is to experience the freshness and newness of each arising moment. Grounded with presence, we experience our own dynamic capacity- the fluid and flowing nature of awareness.

Curious and open, the heart of mindfulness is bathing in awareness itself. In the here and now, we come home to a mind-body process that is fully alive to the subtlety and detail of vivid and direct experience. In the energy and light of mindfulness, we begin to awaken to the revelation of our humanness and to the psychological patterns that condition our inner states of being. Awareness is the key that unlocks the door for us to find our way back home…

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