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My Meditative Moments

Closing the “Knowing-Doing Gap”

by meditative - January 5th, 2015.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence, Zen Henry.

Let this coming year be one where we step out of our comfort zone with the intention to take what we NOW know… and simply DO.  Let’s put into ACTION a change we know we’ll be for the better in our lives- no matter how small it may be. Let’s be open and trust working with the underlying FEAR we may have for implementing our CHANGE… often DOING is the most effective way to overcome our fear… the false evidence appearing real in our lives.

Be POSITIVE and PATIENT. Taking small steps in DOING are better than no steps at all. We learn best by our DOING… directly and intimately.

Once knowing is in MOTION… the action becomes easier. With momentum (energy) behind our intention, we will soon discover our ACTION to be self-perpetuating. The more we DO with some purposeful intention the less we tend to think about it.

Make the COMMITMENT and start doing. There can never be complete failure when there is real effort. We can learn from our mistakes when we are honest and earnest with our intention. Despite our shortcomings, we can adjust and move on. Mistakes and even failure are simply opportunities to put into ACTION what we don’t know yet.

Life is all about discovering and adapting new ways to live… and there’s no better way to really learn LIVING than by DOING. In our mindfulness practice of experiential learning, the fruit of our success is in the enduring willingness to cultivate the seeds of our repetition. We try and try again… adjusting and refining our process along this unchartered way to what is new and unexplored territory about ourselves and about our process.

CURIOSITY is an antidote for our fear to move forward. So let’s explore. Let’s put into ACTION a plan to DO something we’ve been meaning to do, but for whatever reason haven’t… and there’s no time better than the PRESENT.

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