‘Breathing Space’ To Know…

by meditative - May 17th, 2016

In this ‘breathing space’, we sink deeper into our awareness- and into our own being. Here, we curiously ‘strip down’ the ‘events’ of mind with the power of our ‘observational awareness’… seeing & letting beseeing & letting go… over & over again. It is in this quiet & calm space that we can begin to ‘see clearly’ with kindness & care what may be underneath our patterns (i.e. thoughts, feelings, perceptions, assumptions, beliefs, etc.) of mind.

Breathing with ourselves… we have ‘come home’ to simply be- to rest- to observe- to acknowledge & investigate all that may be arising with some kind of message for us to come to know. Beyond our “running narrative’, there is underlying truth to the nature of how we are. To come to know this nature- this often subtlety of being, we must learn to sit in stillness… breathing, observing, and listening.

In this ‘breathing space’, there is insight to know, and there is the energy to shift and transform our ways of thinking, being, and doing.