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My Meditative Moments


by meditative - January 16th, 2017.
Filed under: Mindfulness for Parents & Children, Reflections from Bodhi.

Happiness is a way of being. It means figuring out ways in which we can be happy despite what we might experience on occasion. Happiness has much to do with the big “A” word- ATTITUDE- even in the face of mildly to moderately negative events that may routinely occur in our day-to-day lives.

How we feel emotionally has a lot to do with how we interpret and ultimately ‘frame’ our experiences and events. For e.g. when we interpret someone negatively as an obstacle to having ‘it’ our way, we may feel angry & frustrated; if, in contrast, we view that someone as having something to teach us about ourselves or the situation at hand, we may experience a greater sense of calm & content, perhaps even gratitude.

Happiness is having the confidence- the mental control- to willingly accept our circumstances whatever the outcome. To be flexible; to be curious; to roll with it… and to adapt emotionally as outcomes continually change. Disappointment today could very well be success tomorrow. Have faith and trust in your efforts… and that outcomes will eventually roll in your favor.

Being happy is living the ‘Way’ of happiness. A ‘happy life’ is more than just a matter of interpretation, it is engaging & embracing life as a ‘happy person’. It can be truly beneficial to work on your mind and your attitude… yet ‘happiness’ itself seems to integrate both our inner & outer lives of being & doing.

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