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My Meditative Moments

Mindfully Me, ‘Take Pause’

by meditative - December 30th, 2016.
Filed under: Mindfulness for Parents & Children, Reflections from Bodhi.

To enjoy the ‘ride’ of life… we need to be able to put on the brakes for a moment or two… or three, etc… and simply take pause. We need to find time to unplug from all the stimulation, and to give ourselves a little ‘breathing space’.

When we take a voluntary “time out”, it gives us the opportunity and the space to simply be still and grounded to wherever we may be, as it is, while it is. Here and now, we simply close our eyes and breathe in the moment- letting our attention and body become calm & relaxed.

Taking pause is an act of just being with yourself as you are… and as things are. Try to make space for yourself throughout the day. Routinely take short (30 or 60-second) breaks for a little self-care. Allow yourself to just be aware- a body that is breathing & sensing.

Give special attention to what it really feels like to take pause… to create space in time… and to be fully present with yourself in the moment. Remember, there is nowhere you need to go, nothing you need to do, no one you need to be… just be yourself in the here & now.

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