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My Meditative Moments

Mindfully Me, ‘Gratitude’

by meditative - September 7th, 2016.
Filed under: Mindfulness for Parents & Children, Reflections from Bodhi.

Each morning when you awaken, try to remember to give gratitude for the day. Treat each day as if it were a gift. Open your heart and extend ‘thanks’ for other gifts in your life such as family, friends, home, food, etc. Just doing this every morning can help change your attitude about your day and about your life.

Sharing our gratitude with another is a “feel good” kind of moment. It can be warm and uplifting. A gentle smile and a simple ‘thank you’ can be a genuine expression for showing our appreciation.

Research has also shown gratitude’s influence on things such as happiness, vitality, positive feelings, self-worth, interpersonal relationships, promoting generosity, less stress, greater life satisfaction, as well as higher reports of general well-being.

‘Giving thanks’ is good mental hygiene to start any day…

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