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My Meditative Moments

Mindfully Me, ‘Curiosity’

by meditative - January 17th, 2017.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence, Mindfulness for Parents & Children, Reflections from Bodhi.

The world we live in is one big ADVENTURE! It is always available for us to explore and to examine… and where there is interest… there is inquiry.

Curiosity is our natural inclination to keep awareness wide open & “fresh” for discovering and for learning new things. It moves & motivates us even in difficult and uncertain situations to remain naturally inquisitive.

Curiosity can be the courage we need to overcome what may hold us back. It softens our resistance to new experiences and inspires us to work through our fears and apprehensions.

Curiosity expands our outlook to be more inclusive and receptive with our experiences. It helps refine our closeness of attention so that we might come to observe and to know the subtleties & mysteries of our own experiences- those we may have often overlooked.

Life’s adventure can be a truly exciting journey for those curious enough to ask the questions- to make the observations- and to fully embrace their desire of knowing.

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